How it works

1. Contact Nonprofit-Webdesign (NPWD) for a consultation by:

e-mail --

2. Tell us a little about your organization, and what you hope to accomplish with your website. The more detailed the better. For instance, provide a few examples of websites you like. It would also be helpful to know if there are websites or colors you dislike. We both want to build a site that puts your organization’s goals and objectives in the best light.

3. Are you looking for a simple site or one with all the bells and whistles? Whatever you have in mind, state it up front. We need to make sure we are both on the same page.

PROVIDE US A WEBSITE AND COLOR SCHEME YOU ADMIRE (you can always change your mind later).

5. Provide a list of the topics/items you would like to include on your site (we can also help with suggestions).

6. Send us any materials you would like to see included in the project -- photos, documents, contact information, etc.

7. We will send you an URL to the draft site for your approval. If we do not get it right the first time, we will keeping working until you are completely satisfied.

8. Then you will sign a contract for the services provided.

9. Pick a domain name(s) you would like, for example We will check to see if your choice is available and, if not provide you with a list of alternatives to consider.

10. We will then post your site on the internet.

11. NWPD will provide its services to your site for the length of the contract. If your contract includes maintenance, you provide the updated information or requests for modifying your website.

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